A Topical Healing Gel for Veterinary Practices

Pets often live lifestyles as active as we do, accumulating pains, strains, and sore muscles as easily as their human owners.

Dogs and cats with itchy skin can drive us to distraction with their constant scratching. From pet bunnies to working horses, animals are subject to many of the same aches and pains we endure, not to mention the suffering of flea bites, interdigital cysts and fungus.

In introducing 02Derm PET, Derm Creatio2ns has brought to market an effective new treatment.

  • 02Derm Relief brings a rich source of molecular oxygen directly to the skin.
  • A well tolerated, non-greasy, fast-absorbing gel with no odor and no irritating sensation
  • Oxygen helps provide muscles and tissues with the resources they need to heal naturally

A Professional Opinion

Discovering O2 Derm has truly been a blessing…
In over 30 years of clinical practice, I have come across a great deal of abrasions, sores and cysts – specifically cysts located between the toes – that have not responded to traditional medication.
In addition to being often ineffective for these problems, therapies such as antibiotics can lead to highly resistant strains of bacteria.
Discovering O2 Derm has truly been a blessing to my practice…
It has given my associates and me a novel, safe (in over a year of use I have seen zero reactions) and incredibly effective way to heal abrasions, sores and cysts that have not responded to other treatments by creating an oxygen rich environment that is detrimental to harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast.
In addition, O2 Derm provides almost immediate relief from local pain and itchiness, giving it a myriad of other uses – For instance, I have seen very favorable results utilizing it on suture lines for post-operative care.
Beyond question, O2 Derm has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal, and I am confident that anyone who uses it to treat one of the aforementioned problems will feel exactly the same way.
Michael Hutchinson, D.V.M., P.C.
Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
Animal General

Is 02Derm Relief right for your Veterinary Practice?

We believe that 02Derm PET brings a state-of-the-art formulation to aid in relieving the aches and pains that pets experience in their everyday lives, not only by relieving discomfort but also by providing overworked muscles with the molecular oxygen they need to heal and revitalize naturally.

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